Here you can find a brief description of the seminars that I currently offer publicly, more are being beta tested right now and I’ll add them as they get finished. All seminars are available in English & German.

With the current situation, all courses are delivered online only until further notice. I know things are difficult for everyone, so we’re also offering reduced rates on all courses right now. Get in touch to ask about them!


In this seminar we cover fundamental self-defence skills in detail. We teach awareness, avoidance and de-escalation, the processes of criminal violence and abuse and how to avoid being targeted. Can be tailored for specific groups (e.g. university students, martial artists or women’s self-defence).


Conflict Communication (ConCom) is one of the most impactful programs for teaching you to communicate effectively in situations involving interpersonal conflict. This is a crucial skill for personal protection, but will also massively enhance the quality of your relationships, professional and otherwise.

Fraud Primer

In this course I draw on my experience as an auditor and specialized professional training in fraud prevention to cover the fundamentals of protecting yourself from scams and fraudsters. During the current pandemic, rates of fraud have soared. Here we show you what to do about it.

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